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Accidents Happen was an Australian film written by Brian Carbee and directed by Andrew Lancaster. Amongst the stars of this film are Geena Davis, Sebastian Gregory, and Harry Cook. The story is about a teenage boy and his dysfunctional family. It was shot in summer of 2008 and opened to the public on April 22 of 2010.

Here is a summary of the story. In happens in 1974, and it begins when the Conway family are at a theater watching The Three Stooges. The mother’s name is Gloria, who is a strict mother, and the father’s name is Ray, who is a lot more lenient and easy going than the mother. The children are Gene, Larry, Linda, and Billy. The theme of the movie is accidents, and Billy is the accident prone one here. They have a neighbor, named Douglas, whom Gloria hates. Over a sequence of events, an accident occurs and Larry and Doug suffer minor injuries in the accident, while Linda is killed and Gene is brain damaged, and will be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

Now, forward to 1982, Ray is a divorced man and Gene’s condition is the same as before, and it is unknown whether he will be alive the next day or the next month. Billy is now fifteen years old and he is still friends with Douglas. One Larry gets angry and throws his hot dinner at Billy, causing him to burn his back. Doug hears about what’s happening and tries to interfere, and he gets into a fight with Larry. In another accident, Doug’s father gets killed. Doug receives a note that his father committed suicide, and the insurance company informs them their policy does not cover such acts. Therefore, Billy decides to confess to what really happened. As the police are questioning Billy and Doug, Gene passes away. Then, at the end, Billy takes a bowling ball and rolls it down the side walk. As the name suggests, this movie is about accidents. These people get into so many accidents and injuries that they might need to talk to a Los Angeles injury lawyer.

The film Accidents Happen was written based on the screenwriter’s childhood. It was at first a novel, which was then adapted to a screenplay. In September of 2005, Anderson, the producer of the movie, went to New York to obtain financing for the film. The film was at first supposed to be shot in Connecticut, but instead, they produced it in Australia because that’s where the screenplay was written, and it was a lot easier to get financing there than it was in Connecticut. This is quite counter intuitive because as you may know, most movies are shot in Los Angeles. For more information, check This website belongs to a dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles who is interested in the movie business and writes extensively about it.

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